Monday, July 2, 2018

WALT how to use dialogue in our writing

Focuses for writing this week
Explanation in my own words.
How to use speech marks
Before and after the talking
How to put in other punctuation
They go before the speech markA
When to start a new line or when to keep writing
2 or more people are talking
Different words for ‘said’
Asked, replied, responded, yelled, screamed, shouted, mumbled, said, muttered, gasped, panting, chuckled, thought, told, uttered, continued, whispered
Adding adverbs
Responded politely,screamed angrily
“Who can I pick on?” asked Miss Ashley.
“Me” replied Timote.

“How was your day?” asked Hope.
“Great, thank you” replied Miss Ashley.

“How was your weekend” asked Dwyane.
“It was good” responded Havea.

If more than one person is talking, you put the reply underneath.
Mary was a beautiful girl who was wearing her long black hair in two plaits. She asked her mum, “can I go to the pools today?”.
“Why do you want to go” mum replied.
“It’s hot and I want to cool off”.
“Fine then”

If it’s only one person, you keep going.
Little red riding hood walked along the dirt path and thought to herself “I’m getting hungry”. She had walked a looooonng way but the thought of warm apple pie when she got to grandma’s house kept her going.

One beautiful and sunny day three bff’s were going to adventure park at Leon’s house.
 Railey asked “what should food should we get?”
Leon replied “We should get 3 boxes of pizza, 3 boxes of popcorn and 3 shape boxes also a lot of soda”

Fereti said “That will be a great idea Leon we will have the greatest adventure ever created from human kind!”

My math questions

Friday, June 29, 2018

Music room work

Axel Blevin|Study Sheet story

There was man named Axel Blevins  he wanted to make his dream come true by jumping of the tallest waterfall.

Me and my friends took a minivan there.We had to make a pot stop to food and gas when we got there we had to do a barbarcar to cook.Some of us went into the sea and had a swim.

After the long swim they went to hunt some animals to have something to eat for their lunch. Also they went and got some water for the lunch.Later on me and john went looking for the water when we found it we told the rest of the crew to first we munch than we go.After we munched we went to the waterfall and jumped off after that we went home


Descriptive language

Description of setting and characters

Twinkle Twinkle star colours

South by the cross

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Put a ring around it| About Saturn

Postcards in space

FairyTale Introduce

Once upon a time
One sunny day
One beautiful bright sunny day
One marvelous day
One horrible rainy day
In a faraway land
In the deepest ocean
In the darkest prison
Far far away
In a dark forest
In a vast desert
In a creepy dungeon
In the scary woods
In a haunted house
In a movie set
In a creepy maze
In a wonderful school
In a small town

There was
A beautiful girl
An old man
Royal family
A wise girl
A handsome man
A traveller
A scary monster
A butler
Handsome prince
beautiful queen
Creepy clown
Young princess
Royal king
Famous celebrity
A gangster bodyguard
A music producer
A sad servant
A sneaky thief
Who was Lost
Enormously rich
Who lived in a cottage
Who had 6 sons and 6 daughters
Had a glass eyeball
Had a ginormous family
Lived in las vegas
Who had robotic legs
Who was a marvellous actor
Who only ever had onions
Who was a robber
Who lived on the streets
Part time DJ part time spy
Who had only leg
Who was a murderer
Who was a huge nerd
Who had one fat eye.

Once upon a time there lived a royal prince that was 18 years and his name was Johnny Zack. When he woke up he was next to creepy dungeon that had a royal guard that was guarding the door you only be aloud in if you were a part of a royal family and he did not know where he was. First he asked the guard where is this place but he said “It is in Londen and the date is 1976 June the 27th” the guard said. So the prince said thanks for all that information so the guard letted him in so he went to the bed room and went for a sleep

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Big Crash

Brainstorm of ideas:
  • Car crash, people inside the car, fire fighters, not looking, man was driving then suddenly he crashed into a pole, speeding, different kinds of services - police and ambulance. Flipped,
  • See - people standing around, glass on the ground, windshield or windscreen,  stop traffic, upside down, airbags, fire extinguishers,
  • smell/hear - gasoline or petrol or oil, smoke, sirens, people talking

Drunk driver, John Cena, 60 year old man,
Car crash
A witness calls the ambulance, police and fire service
No glasses so couldn’t see
injuries - broken arm, broken ribs, brain damage, cuts
Firefighters use jaws of life to get the person out and save them. They cut the car in half.
On the phone
Petrol leak, and the engine was gonna blow up, so the whole car was gonna blow up.
Fire extinguisher, put sawdust on the petrol, get the people out first before it explodes.
Distracting - picking something up, or changing the radio station.

The Big Crash|By Leon-Lebron Chrisgen Paraha
2 sentences
A 28 year old man named Raiden was driving in his car going to go to his house. But all of a sudden Raiden was in a car crash.
Orientation 5-10 sentences
Raiden had his car crash when he was trying to get home but he was speeding because he forget to get his glasses and then he got serious injuries he got broken rib cages and also he got brain damage but they were cuts but that is what happened to him. “CAN SOMEONE HELP ME!” Raiden said and some people herd so they went looking for him also when they found him one person called the fire fighter service also the other one
5-10 sentences
Raiden was trying to punch the door open but that never worked so the people who found him were named Jade, Dave, David Jasmine so they tried to pull the door open but that did not work either.
5-10 sentences
But the fire fighters and the other services came the policies secured the area the Fire fighters used the jaws of the life to cut the door open to rescue Raiden “Thank you everyone who help to try and save me ” he said.
Less than 5 sentences
So the ambulance took Raiden to the hospital so he can get better and heal his injuries. (So after a while) Raiden’s family came to see him and so he can have some time with his family before they have to go home and always have to not see him everyday because they miss their father.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Facts about the V-2 Rocket

                            V2 rockets
what are V2 rockets made of ?
Eyewitness accounts describe prisoners being hanged from cranes above the rockets assembly lines. Despite his complicity in the conditions at Mittelwerk, the engineer who designed the v2, Wernher von Braun, came to be feted as a hero of the space age.

Who invented v2 rockets ?
1944 was a German and, later, American aerospace engineer and space architect. He was the leading figure in the development of rocket technology in germany and the father of rocket technology and space science in the united states and the person who invented was Wernher von Braun.

When did v2 rockets attacks begin ?
Launched from mobile units, each V2 rocket was 14 `metres 46ft high and carried a ton 900 kg of explosives. The first attack on London, on 8 september 1944 gouged a crater 10m 32ft across, killed three people and injured 22 people.    

How fast v2 rockets fly?

The speed of the V-2 rocket is 5,760km per hour.     

Friday, June 15, 2018

Describe picture

How Seasons Happens

Describing the picture

Another anticipation guide

Anticipation Guide

Moon Activity2

If I was a Zeelonite

           If I was a Zeelonite
Okay today is the day i go to the zoo for the day it should be fun to see the amazing stuff that is there . “After awhile” I said to the cashire Hi i will like 2 tickets please I said okay here is the money  thank you said the cashery here is your 2 tickets thank you. I am very excited and happy today weeeeee! Man there is too much things to choose from like the amazing humans or the zeelonite wait i just said amazing humans I think I should go there first.  “after spending so much time at the zoo” Finally i’m home I think I should make me some food then go to bed but first i should get something from the shop then i go to bed.

“In the next day” I just want to stay home today.The End

Talking about my character

My Character has bright orange hair with emerald green eyes and she has two plaits that are sticking out to her sides also on her forehead she has a fringe also she has a star colour t-shirt and with some silver gray on it. My character has a monkey that is bright yellow and puke green also with some lines that are dark green on him.

Chain Link

Friday, June 8, 2018

Bouncey castle

It was really fun to verse all my friends that really wanted to verse me also i won all my race’s but on this one it looked like i lost but i got out before my friend Paula.

Phases of the moon


This is a photo of me and my friends like Davlyn, Railey and
Havea doing the different moon’s there are with oreos.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Friday, May 25, 2018

My Practise test

Image result for The sun     
Name:Leon Date:Wednesday 23rd of May
 Yellow dwarf star

The sun is a yellow dwarf star also it is one of the hottest stars in our solar system and the galaxy that our star sol is in the milky way galaxy also its real name is sol.

The history about the sun it produces solar energy = Heat and light also it is not the biggest star there are bigger star than sol like Rigel. It is really weird that in NZ the sun rises in the east and sets in west.

The sun is about like 500,000c and (499,999f) because i think the sun is that hot also it might be hotter than that or lower.

The features to the sun is it a big ball of hydrogen. The sun also has a gravitational force so when a solar flare goes off the sun is able to bring it back to the sun.
Facts about the sun
One fact of the suns is that it’s inner core is the hottest thing that it has also it’s hotter than the earth's inner core and other planets cores because the sun is hotter than 1,000c.

The sun is a hot star that's in the middle of our solar system it makes earth not become a huge ball of ice also everyone will be frozen in side and astronauts will be suck in space also won't be able to go to there family.

How big is the sun

The sun is about 130,000,000 that’s really big also it might be bigger or smaller.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Friday, May 11, 2018

Information about the sun

What are the planets

About the solar system

All about the sun

Title: sunlight on the earth
Paragraph: what is the sun?
  • Star
  • Does not move
  • Surrounded by 8 planets
  • Part of the solar system
  • Small - big

Paragraph 2: What its made of?
  • 99.87% Hg
  • Core is the hottest part of the sun
  • Its hot
  • Energy

Paragraph 3: What does the sun do?
  • Compass
  • Shadow
  • West
  • Egyptian
  • Sunflowers know where the sun is
  • Total darkness
  • 8 minutes -
  • produces light and warmth

The Sun!

What is the sun?
The sun is a star that is part of our solar system. The sun sits at the centre of the solar system, it is orbited by 8 planets which rotate at the same time. The sun is the biggest part of our solar system, but it’s small compared to other suns in other systems. The sun does not move because it’s a star.

What is the sun made of?
The sun is made of energy. The sun produces energy, called solar energy which can be used to power homes on Earth. The core is the hottest part of the sun, it is 27 million degrees F*/15 million degrees C*. It’s made of Hydrogen gas which is sometimes known as Hg.

What does the sun do?

The sun make light and heat. Also make shadows from its bright spark of light that will allow the light to make shadows the shadow that follows you thats the sun shining bright sharight at you

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Monday, April 30, 2018

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Bean Boozled

Image result for bean boozled

Recount checklist ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓
Surface features
Capital letters at the beginning of a sentence
Capital ‘I’

Capital letters for names of places and people
Full stops at the end of a sentence
Speech marks when people are talking

Punctuation - ? ! ; : ‘

Words are written in past tense

Connectives - next, then, afterwards

Interesting and difficult adjectives

Deep features

Introduction has who, what, when, where, why, and how

Conclusion has a reflective statement or says how you felt

Ideas/events in the right order

3 paragraphs

Metaphors and similes

Different types of sentences - short, long, compound and complex

Bean Boozled challenge!!!

On thursday 12th of April we were doing the bean boozled challenge.  At tamaki primary school in room 7 Ms.Ashley was given a bean boozled from Ms.Komor for christmas last year and she wanted to she it with her class room 7.

So she brought her bean boozled to class in room 7.
When we were ready she told us the flavors but when she also lifted the cap then it smelt like coconut for me but not for my friend Railey.

When the first volunteer Keru had got grass he said “YUCKY!!!” Then the next volunteer was Lopi and he got spoiled milk his heart was beating  after Lopi it was Michael’s turn when it was his turn he was so nervous but got a lime looking grass bean boozled like Keru.

So after 20 more people it was me and Railey’s turn I got licorice but I said this is nice but Railey got spoiled milk but he said “THIS IS SO YUCK” .
So we had a break from eating the bean boozled but all of us said “NO!!!” We don't want to stop.

So we did a round 2
Lopi and keru went and keru got boogers, lopi got grass
Tipene smells like licorice, michael got barf
Fereti has popcorn, dwyane got tutti frutti
Vina licorice, hiria pear.. But really lawn
Maria caramel corn, maani got tutti frutti.
Timote got lawn, but Kordell got popcorn
Team of 4
Hope got coconut, waiari got barf, Ana got dog food, lily has gotin tutti frutti
Team of 4
Railey spoiled milk, Paula - ???
Havea - got boogers
Leon got grass
Reign - got licorice

Davlyn - got caramel popcorn