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My Exemplar 1

Read the given passage. Copy paste this passage on to google drawing. Highlight the words that indicate what the scene looks like, smells like, feels like and where is it situated in the story.
Write a sentence or two to describe the picture that the writer paints in your head.

They walked on in frosty silence. Far above, the sun was setting over the Alps, tinting the snowy peaks a soft pink. Kea wheeled high above the fringes of the forest. The air was cool and smelt of dirt and leaves. Charlie couldn’t enjoy any of it.

Sourced from - Junior Journal, May 2017, L3
New boots

Frosty silence means

Smelt of dirt means
He smelt something.

Sun was setting means
It is evening time.

Over the Alps is telling us where the author is.

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My leisure activites

Wooden toys were made for kids to play. Dolls were very popular. They were usually used by children to sleep with them. The dolls were mostly flat. They were decorated with clay beads. Most of them were female figures to remember their loved ones how have died in the past or the present.

Image result for small picture for wooden dolls in ancient egypt    

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